Infusion Fluid and Blood Warmer – enFlow

The enFlow™ fluid and blood warming system is designed to help maintain proper body temperature in patients. Maintaining normal body temperature in patients with impaired thermoregulation undergoing surgical procedures presents significant challenges in everyday medical practice. According to estimates, between 50-90% of millions of patients worldwide experience hypothermia (Young V., Watson M., Prevention of perioperative hypothermia in plastic surgery, Aesthetic Surgery Journal, September-October 2006).

Hypothermia is defined as a core body temperature drop below 36˚ Celsius. Even a slight decrease in core body temperature can significantly and adversely affect postoperative outcomes, patient satisfaction, and the recovery process after anesthesia. This issue, along with the associated additional financial burdens, prompts more hospitals to actively prevent hypothermia in clinical settings and prehospital care. 

Intravenous administration of cold fluids is one of the factors contributing to unintended hypothermia. One study found that administering one liter of room-temperature fluid via IV to an adult patient lowers the average body temperature by approximately 0.25°C (Sessler, D. Mild perioperative hypothermia. New England Journal of Medicine, June 1997, 336(24):1730-1737). Further analysis conducted in 2010 also indicated that warm fluid infusion effectively keeps patients close to normothermia and prevents post-anesthesia shivering.

The enFlow system for warming fluids and blood can be used in preoperative care, emergency departments, during intrahospital transport, in surgery, in recovery rooms, and in ICUs.

Skamex offers enFlow controllers, warmers, and disposable cartridges, as well as additional enFlow products to facilitate transport and secure the warmer. Read the article: Unintentional perioperative hypothermia as a risk factor for various complications - including infections