Oral Hygiene

The oral hygiene solutions offered by Sage for patient care are products that comply with the latest guidelines from medical and nursing societies, and have been supporting healthcare workers for years in preventing the occurrence of VAP (Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia). The effectiveness of these products in this area is confirmed by clinical studies, and the extensive range includes both 24-hour kits (for 3 or 6 procedures) ensuring compliance with the oral hygiene protocol recommended by the guidelines, and individual kits.

The 24-hour kits are packaged in a way that allows the system to be hung by the patient's bed, for example, on an IV stand, and allows individual packages numbered for the procedures to be detached. This setup enables staff to constantly monitor the number of procedures performed, which facilitates adherence to the current oral hygiene protocol.

Each of the Sage oral hygiene kit packages also serves as a container for the fluid, and the unique design of the mouthwash sachets allows the sachet to be opened before opening the individual package. This solution minimizes the risk of contaminating the fluid sachet and shortens the entire procedure—the toothbrush or sponge is already soaked with the solution and ready for use once removed from the packaging. Additionally, each of the 24-hour system packages has a handle for hanging a dedicated Yankauer type catheter, which is available in Sage's oral hygiene product portfolio.

The design of Sage toothbrushes, with their small heads and bends, allows access to hard-to-reach areas in the oral cavity, and the three suction holes enable effective secretion suction. The brushes have over 3100 contact points in the form of nylon bristles, and on the opposite side of the head, there is a transversely corrugated sponge that supports the stimulation of oral tissues.