Oxygen Therapy Products

Oxygen therapy products are designed to deliver oxygen to the body to treat hypoxia or other health issues related to oxygen deficiency. Oxygen therapy involves administering high-concentration oxygen, which helps increase its level in the blood.
Here are some main types of products used in oxygen therapy:

  • Non-rebreather mask
  • Semi-open masks with safety valves
  • Oxygen delivery tubes
  • High-flow oxygen delivery systems – advanced devices providing regulated and continuous oxygen flow, often used in hospitals
  • Nasal cannulas
  • Oxygen apparatus
  • Oxygen concentrators
  • Oxygen masks
  • Oxygen face masks
  • Nasal prongs

These products are used in hospitals, clinics, and home care, depending on the patient's needs and health condition. Accessories for oxygen therapy, such as filters, humidifiers, and pulse oximeters, significantly improve the effectiveness of the therapy.
In home oxygen therapy, oxygen concentrators play a key role. They are especially important for patients with COPD, lung cancer, or COVID-19, enabling effective and safe treatment at home.
Additionally, a universal inhalation set, including a mouthpiece, nebulizer, and air tube, is compatible with most inhalers available on the market, making it a versatile solution for various patient needs.