AirLife™ Open Oxygen Mask

The mask is designed for oxygen therapy with an innovative construction that enables passive oxygen therapy, delivering oxygen at a concentration of 24-90%. The mask features a centrally located opening for the mouth, allowing for activities such as drinking through a straw and providing constant access to the mouth for diagnostic purposes.


The oxygen mask with a central opening is designed for passive oxygen therapy, delivering 24-90% oxygen. It allows patients to perform normal activities such as drinking and speaking during oxygen therapy. The mask provides necessary access to the oral cavity for diagnostic purposes, including endoscopy and bronchoscopy. It serves as an alternative to using multiple oxygen therapy devices for changing patient needs and facilitates the transport of patients between hospital departments and facilities. 

The system of micro-holes creates an air curtain, dispersing the oxygen stream. The shape of the mask allows for maintaining a higher concentration of oxygen while reducing the risk of rebreathing carbon dioxide. The mask features adjustable straps to ensure a proper fit to the patient's face.  

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