Low-Volume Nebulizers

Nebulization is one of the fundamental therapies conducted in healthcare facilities, and low-volume nebulizers are successfully used for therapeutic purposes across a wide range of patients. A good inhaler is crucial for effective therapy. Key parameters of nebulizers include the average diameter of nebulized particles (MMAD), which determines the deposition site of the nebulized medication in the respiratory tract, the respirable fraction - the fraction of inhaled particles that reach the alveoli, and the nebulization rate. Proper dosing of medication during nebulization therapy is also important. The pressurized inhaler, also known as a piston inhaler, is the most commonly used inhaler for adults, allowing for easy dosing of medication. The pneumatic inhaler is effective in treating respiratory diseases such as bronchitis, characterized by its versatility in delivering various forms of medication. The mesh inhaler is valued for its small size, quiet operation, and ease of use, making it ideal for children. The ultrasonic inhaler offers minimal noise levels and is suitable for different age groups. Pneumatic inhalers operate on the principle of compressed air, differing from other types of inhalers. Pneumatic-piston inhalers are particularly effective in the treatment of respiratory diseases. Ultrasonic inhalers use advanced technology to treat bronchitis, ensuring effective penetration of medications into the deep parts of the lungs. Nebulizers play a key role in treating respiratory diseases by delivering medications in aerosol form, enhancing breathing comfort. The wide range of different types of inhalers allows for therapy to be tailored to the individual needs of patients. Proper particle size is essential for effective treatment. Ultrasonic inhalers are especially recommended for the treatment of bronchitis.

Skamex offers a wide range of nebulizers to meet various nebulization challenges. Available products include nebulizers with an MMAD parameter of 2.21 µm (+/- 0.07 µm) (MistyMax), nebulizers capable of nebulizing 3 ml of solution in just 3.3 minutes (+/- 0.1 min.) (MistyFast), and nebulizers designed for integration into the respiratory circuit, featuring a self-sealing valve that closes upon nebulizer removal (Micro Mist with Neb-Tee).