Patient Hygiene

Water basins used for washing patients are widely described in the scientific literature as a confirmed risk factor for catheter-associated urinary tract infections and hospital-acquired infections transmitted during washing [1]. An alternative that eliminates water basins, and thereby the associated risk factor, is the use of dedicated patient cleansing wipes.


SAGE (Stryker) wipes are packaged in resealable packs of 8, allowing for full-body patient cleansing according to the instructions on the package. The wipes can be heated in a microwave, and the Essential Bath series (7413-X) has an additional insulating layer inside the packaging to help maintain the temperature of the wipes. The cloths are made of a polyester-cellulose blend and are impregnated with a no-rinse solution containing ingredients such as aloe extract and vitamin E.


The SAGE head wash cap is designed for washing a patient's head without the need for rinsing. The cap has a two-layer construction—the outer layer minimizes the risk of wetting the pillow or bedding—and is moistened with a solution of gentle shampoo and conditioner. It contains purified water (USP-compliant) and is latex-free.


[1] Stone S, et al., Removal of bath basins to reduce catheter-associated urinary tract infections. Plakat przedstawiony podczas APIC 2010, Nowy Orlean, LA, lipiec 2010 r.