MistyFast Nebulization Kits

Low-volume nebulizer capable of delivering 3 ml of solution in 3.3 minutes (+/- 0.1 min; nebulization rate at a flow rate of 10 L/min).


The Misty Fast nebulizer, thanks to its unique nozzle and mouthpiece design, significantly reduces nebulization time. The nozzle design produces more aerosol, and the angled mouthpiece minimizes medication loss, allowing for the inhalation of a greater amount of active substance. A standard dose of 3 ml of solution is nebulized in 3.3 minutes (+/- 0.1 minute; at a flow rate of 10 L/min), while maintaining an average aerosol particle diameter (MMAD) of 2.4 µm (+/- 0.13 µm) and a respirable fraction (particles <5 µm) of 72% (+/- 3.1%).  

The Misty Fast has a version with a rotating head, allowing nebulization in a semi-reclining position. If the patient cannot use the mouthpiece, the nebulizer can be connected to an aerosol mask for the procedure.  

The Misty Fast nebulizer is dual-scaled every 1 ml from 3 to 10 ml, with the diffuser base remaining stable within a 0 – 360° range. The nebulizer is available in kits with a mouthpiece featuring a vertical and horizontal swivel joint, as well as with pediatric or adult aerosol masks. Each kit includes a 2.1 m star-lumen oxygen tubing that prevents kinking and has a rigid connector dedicated to the nebulizer.  

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