enFlow Controller

The enFlow Controller is a device that is part of the enFlow intravenous fluid and blood warming system. It acts as a power supply for the warmer. It can be mounted on an IV pole or placed on a tabletop. The front panel includes a temperature display and a keypad. Regardless of the device's orientation, the temperature value is always displayed "right side up." 


The Right Temperature

By helping maintain stable body temperature in patients, the enFlow system brings both clinical and economic benefits to hospitals. Maintaining normothermia reduces the risk of complications and speeds up recovery, leading to shorter hospital stays and lower costs. (Mahoney, C., Odom, J. Maintaining intraoperative normothermia: A meta-analysis of outcomes with costs. AANA J, April 1999, 67(2):155-163; Sessler, D. Mild perioperative hypothermia. N Engl J Med, June 1997, 336(24):1730-1737)

The Right Place

The true mobility of the enFlow system and the use of a small, portable cartridge allow for maintaining normothermia wherever needed—practically in any setting where patient care is provided. The system can be used before, during, and after procedures, in any orientation. Since the cartridge can be easily transported from room to room, the enFlow system does not necessitate changes in protocols and procedures. Medical staff can work efficiently as usual, while enFlow continuously warms the patient. 

The Right Time

The enFlow system enables the infusion of warmed fluid not only in any place but also at the right time—preparatory activities take less than 18 seconds. The low priming volume shortens the time needed to reach the set temperature and allows for a quick start of the warming process. Additionally, the short distance from the patient’s body minimizes heat loss during transport through IV lines. 

The Right Way

The improved enFlow cartridge now features a parylene coating, protecting the fluids it warms from contact with the device's structural elements. Test results confirm biological safety with various intravenous solutions in different therapeutic indications, such as administering saline or electrolyte solutions, as well as blood and blood products. 


Designed for soldiers operating in extreme conditions, the enFlow system is very simple to use. Just pre-fill and insert the cartridge, turn on the system, and it’s ready to go.

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