enFlow Warmer

The enFlow Warmer is a device that is part of the enFlow intravenous fluid and blood warming system. The enFlow Warmer, along with its disposable cartridge, is used to heat fluids administered through IV infusions. Its design allows it to be placed within a few centimeters of the infusion site. As a result, the fluid quickly travels from the warmer to the patient's body, with minimal temperature loss (approximately 1ºC per meter). The warmer weighs 275 grams.   


The Right Temperature in Seconds 

Time is of the essence. The proven thermal efficiency of the material from which the enFlow Warmer is made, combined with the design of the disposable cartridge, allows the fluid to be heated to the desired temperature in seconds, minimizing system preparation and waiting time. Simply turn on the system, and within moments, the fluids will be warmed. 


The enFlow system is designed to be as low-maintenance as possible. The components of the enFlow intravenous fluid and blood warming system are durable, long-lasting, and waterproof. The system uses surface-mount technology (SMT) and modern materials. Vyaire recommends performing a system operation test once every five years. Additionally, we have developed the enCheck tester, which allows biomedical engineers at the client's facility to quickly check the functionality of the enFlow system's alarms. This test can be conducted annually or according to another schedule in place at the hospital. 

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