Medline medical equipment

Medline was founded in 1966, but its roots trace back 100 years when A.L. Mills started the Northwestern Garment Factory. Since then, the company has grown to become the largest American manufacturer and distributor of medical equipment. Medline is the largest private supplier of medical equipment in the United States, producing and distributing over 550,000 medical and surgical products to healthcare facilities and retail markets.

Medline's Features and Attitude:

  • to achieve a market-leading position in several key categories of medical products.
  • sales growth
  • innovation
  • continuous development and diversification of the portfolio have led to the ownership of hundreds of products, patents, and trademarks
  • customer orientation

Medline medical gloves

Medline creates products tailored to customers' needs, of the highest quality, and affordable. That's why Medline products can be found in almost every hospital in the United States, and in over half of those hospitals, Medline is among the top ten medical equipment suppliers.

Medline Certificates

ISO 13485 Certificate – Quality Management System for Medical Devices compliant with the ISO 9001 system requirements

Northpoint Services ISO 13485 ISO 11135 Certificate – Sterilization of Healthcare Products – Ethylene Oxide – Requirements for the Development, Validation, and Routine Control of Sterilization Processes for Medical Devices.

Medline ISO 14001 Certificate – Environmental Management System

International France SAS ISO 13485

Skamex is the distributor of Medline in Poland

The manufacturer offers products such as: surgical caps, surgical masks, aloe vera nitrile gloves, nitrile gloves, surgical gown.


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