Universal Drapes

Discover our versatile surgical drapes designed for general surgery procedures. Whether you need standard or reinforced drapes, our bilaminate and unique trilaminate options ensure comfort and efficiency in the operating room. Find the perfect solution for your surgical needs.


Universal sets are dedicated to general surgery procedures, including: 

  • sets of adhesive drapes with long side drapes and a long limb drape, designed for prolonged interdisciplinary surgical procedures, 
  • sets with U-shaped drapes designed for vascular surgery procedures on limbs,
  • sets for laparoscopic procedures, including those using a robot,
  • sets of drapes for laparoscopic procedures, with abdominal and perineal fenestration,
  • sets for rectal procedures,
  • laparotomy sets with an abdominal fenestration,
  • sets for thyroid procedures, with a fenestration in the neck/throat area.

The technical parameters of the non-wovens used in the surgical drapes meet the requirements of the harmonized standard PN EN 13795, both for standard and high-performance requirements.

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