SorbaView® Shield Dressings

SorbaView® Shield is a highly permeable, transparent film dressing that utilizes a multi-layer construction and features an integrated stabilizer.


The non-adherent pad of the dressing wicks moisture from the skin into the pad, where it then continues to breathe through the top film and film/nonwoven layer. The pad has a "window" cut-out in the dressing, allowing for continuous visual monitoring of the insertion site. A polyurethane film membrane covers and surrounds the cut-out pad. An adhesive nonwoven layer on top completes the dressing. SorbaView® Shield can be used for up to 7 days. The wide range of dimensions and shapes of the dressings allows for broad application, from pediatric to adult patients, and for securing various types of vascular access.

SHIELD Technology

The integrated (blue) catheter stabilizing element, made of polymer, keeps the catheter in place even under the influence of multidirectional pulling forces. This solution helps reduce the frequency of complications such as catheter displacement, phlebitis, extravasation, and infiltration. The integrated stabilizer in the dressing eliminates the need for an additional securing device.

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