Orthopedic Drapes

We offer a diverse portfolio of sets designed for hip replacement, knee arthroscopy, and surgeries of the hand, foot, and shoulder.


Orthopedic sets come in various options depending on the procedure being performed. Our range of orthopedic drapes includes: 

  • sets for knee arthroscopy with or without an integrated fluid collection pouch, 
  • sets for hip surgery with U-shaped drapes,
  • drapes for simultaneous surgery on both limbs,
  • sets for upper limb surgeries,
  • sets for shoulder surgery with a fluid collection pouch, in the lying position,
  • sets for shoulder surgery in the "beach chair" position.

The technical parameters of the non-wovens used in the surgical drapes meet the requirements of the harmonized standard PN EN 13795, for both standard and high-performance requirements.

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