Coloplast / Porges

Coloplast / Porges Medical Equipment

Since 2005, Porges has been part of the global conglomerate Coloplast.

Porges is a manufacturer of globally recognized disposable medical equipment for treating most urogynecological disorders, used in both medical facilities and at home. The company conducts scientific research and introduces innovative and modern products in the fields of urology and surgery. It offers over 3,500 items, divided into more than 700 product groups. Porges has branches or distributors in over 70 countries and has been an expert in urology, gynecology, and surgical gynecology for more than 110 years.

Coloplast Urology Medical Equipment

Coloplast, founded in 1957, is a leading provider of medical products in the global healthcare market. It develops new solutions in ostomy care, urology, and the treatment of hard-to-heal wounds, and introduces high-quality products based on the latest technical knowledge and scientific research.

Coloplast Products

Coloplast supplies ostomy products, urological products, and wound care products. Some of the most recognizable Coloplast products include specialized catheters, stone evacuators, disposable elephant devices, ureteral access sheaths, ureteral stents, artificial penile prostheses, nephrostomy guidewires, two-part dilators with interchangeable filiforms, the Urospiral ureteral stent, nephrostomy kits, and the multi-stage Kolibri kits.

In Poland, Skamex is the distributor for Coloplast/Porges.

The manufacturer offers products such as stents, catheters, penile prostheses, and the Detour kit.


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