Genesis® Semi-Rigid Penile Prosthesis

Simplicity. Reliability. Satisfaction.


The Genesis® semi-rigid penile prosthesis is designed for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (impotence) resulting from various causes. It offers simplicity for surgeons and is also a good solution for patients with dexterity issues in their fingers or hands, hand muscle fatigue, or limited reach and range of motion. Erection stimulation occurs manually.

The Genesis® semi-rigid penile prosthesis provides surgeons with:

  • Anatomical customization for the use of non-standard sizes if needed.
  • Easy assembly – no additional tools required.
  • Availability of additional tips for adjusting the prosthesis length.
  • Flexibility in antibiotic preparation thanks to the hydrogel coating.

The Genesis® prosthesis is the only semi-rigid prosthesis with a hydrogel coating, allowing physicians flexibility in preparation. This coating is covalently bonded to the product, ensuring long-lasting efficacy.

Key features of the Genesis® prosthesis::

  • No springs, wires, or internal moving parts that could reduce reliability.
  • Design that reduces the risk of buckling.
  • Positionable design that eliminates springing.
  • Manufacturer:

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