Titan Hydraulic Penile Prosthesis

A penile implant is a device that aids in achieving an erection and is completely invisible at first glance. The three-piece prosthesis allows for a full erection that looks natural. The implant is made of Bioflex material, which is safe for the patient and is characterized by greater durability.


A penile implant restores a man's control over his body and is ready to use whenever needed. Unlike other erectile dysfunction treatments, a penile implant restores spontaneity and allows for an erection without planning.

Medications used as first-line treatment often do not provide a long-term solution. 75% of patients treated for erectile dysfunction initially use pills. Half of these patients discontinue treatment for reasons such as ineffectiveness, cost, concerns about side effects, or lack of confidence in the safety of this treatment method. When these treatments fail, some patients will seek medications from other brands, others will opt for injections, and some will consider implants.

For patients who choose erection pills as second-line treatment, it is estimated that in 40% of cases, the medications are ineffective.

In such cases, penile implants have been shown to be a more cost-effective long-term treatment for erectile dysfunction.

Titan® Touch Hydraulic Penile Prosthesis

The Titan® Touch hydraulic penile prosthesis is designed to replicate the look and feel of a natural erection. The implant is made from the unique Bioflex® material, which is safe for your body and stronger than silicone. It has been developed to make the implants stronger and more durable than other available prostheses on the market.

The Titan implant consists of 3 parts:

1. A fluid-filled reservoir placed in the abdomen

2. Two cylinders placed in the cavernous bodies of the penis

3. A pump located in the scrotum

How does the Titan® Touch work?

To achieve an erection, you need to squeeze the pump located in the scrotum. The fluid from the reservoir flows into the cylinders placed in the cavernous bodies of the penis, causing an erection. To return to the flaccid state, press the release valve on the pump with two fingers. The fluid will flow from the cylinders back into the reservoir, achieving a naturally occurring flaccid state.

Why Choose Hydraulic Penile Implants?

  1. Discreet Erectile Dysfunction Treatment
  2. Patients report a 98% satisfaction rate with the Titan® Touch implant. Partners of those with the implant also show high satisfaction levels at 96%.
  3. Quick Recovery. Time Recovery time varies by patient but generally falls between 4 to 6 weeks. After this period, you can fully return to sexual activity.
  4. Cost-Effective. Penile implants have been shown to be the most cost-effective method of treating erectile dysfunction over a 10-year period.
  5. Spontaneity. Penile implants give patients the ability to achieve an erection immediately and spontaneously, at any moment.

Material Matters!

The Titan® Touch hydraulic penile implant is made from the exclusive Bioflex® material, providing the cylinders with greater rigidity and girth compared to competitor products.


The Titan® penile implant can increase the effectiveness of penetration, offering greater confidence in various sexual positions, allowing patients to feel more assured.


Three times stiffer compared to competitors. Increased rigidity improves the quality of penetration.


17% greater girth compared to competitors. The maximum girth of Coloplast implants can lead to increased partner stimulation and satisfaction.


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