ReTrace Access Sheath

The ReTrace access sheath features a hydrophilic coating both inside and outside, along with the capability to administer contrast. The sheath can be introduced into the urinary tract in two ways: the standard method and the Rapid Release technique, which involves releasing the guidewire through a special slit in the sheath and leaving the leading wire outside the working channel.


Quick, repeatable, and safe access to the ureter.

This innovative device allows for the introduction of the sheath and safety wire in a single-step procedure.

Designed to ensure continuous access to the ureter and kidney while protecting the ureter during repeated exchanges of endoscopic tools, it helps reduce intrarenal pressure during the procedure.

ReTrace® is one of the first access sheaths on the market to feature a flexible stylet that adapts to challenging sections of the ureter, reducing the risk of injury during ureteroscopy.

Benefits of the ReTrace® System:

  • Procedure time reduction: The working guidewire becomes the safety guidewire in a single step
  • Minimized use of endoscopic tools: Saves the need for an additional guidewire, dual-lumen catheter, and allows contrast agent administration during sheath placement.
  • Ease of positioning: An additional ring indicates the distal end of the sheath.
  • Hydrophilic coating: Facilitates smooth insertion of the sheath.
  • Dual insertion methods: ReTrace concept and standard method.
  • Kink-resistant sheath: Eases insertion through the urinary tract.
  • Ergonomic design: Enables one-handed operation.


Breda A, Territo A and Lopez-Martinez JM. (2016). Benefits and risks of ureteral access sheaths for retrograde renal access. Curr Opin Urol, 26(1), 70-5.

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