Elefant® suction-irrigation system

Produkt jednorazowego użytku eliminuje ryzyko wystąpienia zanieczyszczeń krzyżowych. Atraumatyczna kaniula z zakończeniem Yankauer zapobiega zasysaniu sąsiednich tkanek. Nieprzewodząca kaniula wykonana z włókna szklanego eliminująca ryzyko wystąpienia urazów elektrotermicznych.


Elefant is a disposable device for irrigation and suction during laparoscopic procedures. It allows for simultaneous use with coagulation instruments, as it does not conduct electricity. Designed for both right- and left-handed individuals.

Elefant® has been accompanying urologists and surgeons during procedures for 20 years, despite changes in the world of medicine. Besides laparoscopy, it is an integral part of robotic surgery procedures.

Robotic surgery is becoming the gold standard – it changes practice, the way of work, training, and the equipment of medical rooms. However, the goal remains the same – to ensure the safety of patients and medical staff members while maintaining reliability.

For 20 years, we have been committed to supporting doctors with Elefant®!

The main risks associated with tools dedicated to surgical procedures include:

1. Electrothermal injuries

The current increase in the number of laparoscopic procedures means that electrothermal injuries can constitute a serious source of injuries, and even patient deaths – which can be prevented!

2. Mechanical injuries

This risk should remind surgeons of the need to choose flexible and atraumatic suction-irrigation cannulas.

3. Cross-infections

It is necessary to eliminate the risk of cross-infection among patients and healthcare workers.

Elefant® has been designed to address all of the aforementioned complications!

Elefant z drenem PCV + opakowanie 5 sztuk

Cannula diameter

5 mm

10 mm

5 mm

Cannula length

35 cm

35 cm

45 cm

Tube diameter

external 9,5 mm

internal 6,4 mm

external 9,5 mm

internal 6,4 mm

external 9,5 mm

internal 6,4 mm

Tobe diameter

3 m

3 m

3 m





*for robotic surgery


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