We offer a wide range of ready-to-use surgical drape sets. We provide an optimal selection considering requirements, time, and type of procedure. User preferences, patient comfort, and safety are our top priorities. 

Drapes materials 

Our offer includes Medline surgical drapes made from three-layer laminate, two-layer laminate, Spunlace non-woven fabric, or SMS non-woven fabric. The technical parameters of the non-wovens used in the surgical drapes exceed the requirements of the harmonized European standard PN EN 13795, both for standard and high-performance requirements. Medline surgical drape sets provide an effective barrier against fluids and microorganisms. They are a key component in preventing surgical site infections in the operating room. Years of experience and collaboration with medical staff have enabled us to create solutions that ensure the safety of both patients and staff.

Custom Pack Sets 

A Custom Pack is a set created for an individual client, taking into account their specific needs. The sets can include all components necessary for performing a given procedure, such as surgical drapes, gowns, dressings, and other single-use medical items like containers, drains, syringes, cannulas, suturing materials, etc. Custom Pack sets help reduce preparation time and procedure costs.