Erectile Dysfunction

Penile prostheses are a form of treatment for erectile dysfunction of various origins: organic (e.g., severe diabetes), anatomical (e.g., Peyronie's disease), or fibrosis of the cavernous bodies (priapism, infections), in cases where other treatment methods, such as injections into the cavernous bodies of the penis, fail or cannot be used. The hydraulic penile prosthesis is an effective and modern method for treating erectile dysfunction. This implantation procedure is also used in individuals after radical prostatectomy, which is the complete removal of the prostate gland, serving as a last resort in the therapy of patients after unsuccessful attempts with other, less invasive methods. A penile implant allows for the restoration of full erectile function and improvement in the quality of sexual life. Penile implants are the best solution when other methods do not yield the expected results. The implantation of a penile implant is a procedure that brings many benefits, including improved sexual function and overall quality of life for patients. Modern penile prostheses allow for the maintenance of a natural appearance of the penis in a flaccid state, which further enhances the comfort and satisfaction of patients and their partners.