UnoQuip Q500 Plus 4th Generation

A top-mounted hourly urine output measurement kit with dual-lumen tubing, equipped with two independent anti-reflux valves that help minimize the risk of ascending infections.


A system consisting of dual-lumen tubing, a measuring chamber, and a collection bag. The dual-lumen tubing features an anti-reflux valve positioned behind the Foley catheter connector, preventing urine from flowing back into the catheter, and a needle-free sampling port.

The measuring chamber includes an efficient ventilation system based on a large-area hydrophobic filter (minimum 300 mm²). The chamber is graduated from 1 ml to 40 ml in 1 ml increments, allowing precise volume readings even for small amounts of urine. Urine is drained from the measuring chamber into the collection bag by turning a valve 90 degrees. At the entry to the bag, an anti-reflux valve prevents urine from flowing back from the bag into the chamber.

The collection bag is graduated in 100 ml increments from 100 ml to 2000 ml. The bottom drain valve can be hung upwards in a dedicated pocket. The universal mounting system allows the set to be hung on most hospital beds. The product is DEHP and latex-free.

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