Prevalon™ TAP® – Anti-Decubitus Positioner

The Prevalon™ TAP® Anti-Decubitus Positioner is a comprehensive solution for nursing staff, enabling patient repositioning in accordance with guidelines. This system also addresses the challenges related to the ergonomics of nursing work and the risk of musculoskeletal strain during patient care. Prevalon™ TAP® is designed to allow staff to manage patient positioning as recommended while minimizing the risk of injury to personnel, facilitating the transfer, movement, and repositioning of patients.


Complete Anti-Decubitus System for Patient Transfer and Repositioning

The Prevalon™ TAP® Anti-Decubitus Positioner consists of a vapor-permeable mat with a stabilizing strap, enabling patient transfer and repositioning. The mat features a non-slip top surface, nine hand grips on each of the longer sides, a bed attachment strap, a four-layer moisture-absorbing and air-permeable pad, and two 30-degree wedges.

  • Pressure Ulcer Prevention by Offloading the Sacrum
  • Reduction of Moisture Impact
  • Minimization of Friction and Shear Forces
  • Suitable for Patients up to 160 kg
  • Maintains Patient Position at a 30º Incline


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