Prevalon™ Heel Protector® – Anti-Decubitus Heel Protector

The Sage Prevalon™ Heel Protector® addresses three key risk factors for heel injuries caused by pressure: it offloads the heel, reduces the risk of plantar flexion contracture, and lowers the risk of peroneal nerve injury by minimizing the risk of excessive external foot rotation.


Prevalon™ Heel Protector® – Pressure-Reducing Heel Protector  

For non-ambulatory patients, the Prevalon™ Heel Protector® offloads the heel to reduce pressure. Its open design with an elevated heel allows for easy monitoring between assessments.  

The Prevalon™ Heel Protector® is available with or without an integrated wedge. The stabilizing wedge reduces transverse rotation and peroneal nerve damage.

The Prevalon™ Heel Protector® also addresses the issue of foot drop. It features Velcro straps that prevent foot drop, thereby minimizing the risk of plantar flexion contracture.

The heel protector is available in a standard size for patients with a calf circumference of 25-46 cm and feet longer than 23.65 cm. It is compatible with DVT compression devices. 

The effectiveness of this solution has also been confirmed by clinical data [1]. Using the heel protector eliminated cases of Hospital-Acquired Pressure Injuries (HAPI) compared to a group where pillows were used for heel offloading. Additionally, in the protector group, 10 patients showed an improvement in the plantar flexion angle, compared to only 1 patient in the pillow group, where 3 patients experienced an increase in the plantar flexion angle.

[1] Meyers T. Prevention of Heel Pressure Injuries and Plantar Flexion Contractures With Use of a Heel Protector in High-Risk Neurotrauma, Medical, and Surgical Intensive Care Units: A Randomized Controlled Trial. J Wound Ostomy Continence Nurs. 2017;44(5):429-433. doi:10.1097/WON.0000000000000355 

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