Flexi-Seal™ SIGNAL™ FMS

A comprehensive controlled stool collection system, compliant with the recommendations of the Polish Association of Epidemiological Nurses, with proven effectiveness in preventing Clostridium difficile infections as confirmed by studies.


The system features an odor-neutralizing substance integrated along the entire length of the silicone sleeve connecting the rectal balloon to the collection bag. The balloon includes a built-in blue finger pocket, which stands out visually and facilitates system application. An indicator integrated with the inflation port signals when the balloon has reached the optimal size for the patient.  

The silicone sleeve also includes an irrigation port for rectal medication administration, a clear port for stool sample collection, and a clamp to close the drain lumen.  

The system is mounted to the patient’s bed using a universal beaded strap, which also includes an integrated labeling area.  

The kit includes a 1000 ml collection bag with 25 ml graduations for precise volume reading. The bag has an anti-spill valve and a charcoal filter.  

Replacement bags are available, designed to enhance patient comfort with opaque collection bags featuring a viewing window.  

The system is rated for safe use for up to 29 days. 

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