Broncoflex are disposable bronchofiberscopes available in two sizes with external and internal diameters tailored to cover a range of therapeutic indications for flexible bronchoscopy. These bronchoscopes are ready to use straight out of the package, equipped with an advanced light intensity control algorithm that minimizes the occurrence of overexposure of anatomical structures.


Broncoflex are disposable bronchofiberscopes available in two sizes—Agile and Vortex—which cater to a range of therapeutic indications for flexible bronchoscopy. These indications include airway toileting, bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL), biopsies, foreign body removal, whole lung lavage (WLL), as well as providing visualization during percutaneous tracheostomy and difficult intubations. The color-coded connection between the handle and the working channel, depending on the size, facilitates the attachment of an intubation tube and the use of the bronchoscope as a guide during intubation.  

Disposable bronchoscopes eliminate the risk of cross-infection associated with reusable bronchoscopes. Scientific data shows that even after a meticulously conducted disinfection procedure, the risk of cross-infection when using reusable bronchoscopes remains at about 3%. Broncoflex remains sterile until the package is opened and is ready to use immediately, without the need for assembling adapters or guides.

Jednorazowe bronchoskopy eliminują ryzyko wystąpienia zakażeń krzyżowych, którym obarczone są bronchoskopy wielokrotnego użytku. Dane naukowe dowodzą, iż nawet po skrupulatnie przeprowadzonej procedurze dezynfekcji ryzyko wystąpienia zakażenia krzyżowego przy korzystaniu z bronchoskopów wielorazowych plasuje się na poziomie 3%. Broncoflex pozostaje sterylny do momentu otwarcia opakowania, a po wyjęciu z niego jest gotowy do użycia – nie wymaga montowania adapterów, czy prowadników.  

Broncoflex bronchoscopes in both sizes have a working channel that allows for the insertion of tools or suctioning, the outlet of which is oval-shaped to increase the suction area.  

The image generated by the camera located at the distal end of the bronchoscopes is displayed on a dedicated Screeni monitor featuring HD resolution. The intensity of the light emitted by two LED diodes is controlled by an algorithm that automatically adapts the intensity depending on the distance to the tissues. Two metal supports allow the monitor to be positioned on any flat surface. Screeni also has a handle that allows it to be mounted on an IV stand, and the supports serve as hooks for bronchoscope packages, creating a mobile workstation.  

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