The Surgical Company

The Surgical Company (TSC)

The company was founded in 1993 with its headquarters in Amersfoort, the Netherlands. Over the years, it has significantly expanded, undergone numerous mergers and acquisitions, to become a group employing 370 people with an annual turnover of 134 million euros, offering professional medical equipment for hospitals and other medical facilities.

The history of The Surgical Company (TSC):
1993 Establishment of The Surgical Company BV (Benelux)
2000 Merger with Granulab BV (Netherlands) and Granulab Sarl (France)
2001 Acquisition of Sebac SAS (France) and Sebac Diagnostics SAS
2003 Establishment of The 37 Company (Netherlands)
2007 Acquisition of Adhesia SAS (France)
2008 Establishment of The Surgical Company GmbH (Germany)
2009 Acquisition of KP Medical (Netherlands)
2012 Integration of Welch Allyn (France)
2014 Acquisition of Opus Medical (Belgium)
2016 Acquisition of Sensium Healthcare (United Kingdom)
2017 Acquisition of Hospithery (Belgium)
2017 Acquisition of Hospithery (Belgium)

What does The Surgical Company specialize in?

The company's mission is to enhance patient treatment outcomes, with values ​​represented by creativity, integrity, efficiency, common sense, and total commitment.

The company provides modern and innovative solutions in the field of:

  • providing flexible single-use endoscopes, the use of which reduces the risk of cross-contamination, such as: single-use bronchofiberscopes Broncoflex®
  • providing a wireless vital signs monitoring system with alarm capabilities and reporting on changes in the patient's health status
  • providing wireless devices for ambulatory assessment of patient hemodynamics
  • providing devices and systems for combating patient hypothermia, such as blood and intravenous fluid warmers.

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