Airlife™ Closed Suction System

The Airlife™ Closed Suction System is a universal system composed of modular components. The complete set includes the universal Verso airway adapter (Neo-Verso for pediatric use) and compatible suction catheters. The Verso adapter can remain in the system for up to 168 hours, so only the suction catheter needs to be replaced every 72 hours. The Airlife™ system allows for procedures such as suctioning, bronchoscopy, and mini-BAL without disconnecting the system, thus avoiding patient hypoxia and reducing the healthcare staff's exposure to potential respiratory pathogens from ventilated patients.


Verso Adapter

The Verso adapter is innovatively designed with a 45° angle between its arms, improving the effectiveness of ventilation and medication delivery. It features a dual-rotating elbow for enhanced patient comfort. The patient's airway is isolated by a bifurcated, self-sealing Pucker valve, maintaining respiratory pressure during catheter changes, catheter flushing, bronchoscopy, and mini-BAL procedures. Catheter flushing is performed through an isolated flushing chamber. The Verso adapter can remain in the respiratory system for up to 7 days.

Closed Suction System Catheters

The offered catheters come in various lengths and configurations, including those dedicated to intubation tube suctioning, tracheostomy tube suctioning, directional catheters, and pediatric-length catheters. All of these are compatible with Verso adapters. The catheters are protected by an outer sheath, have 1 cm interval markings, are DEHP-free, and are color and numerically coded for size. The catheter tip features a non-traumatic design with one central hole and two side holes. The vacuum connector is secured with a tethered cap, and vacuum locking is achieved by turning the safety valve. Catheters should be replaced every 72 hours.

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