Sempermed medical gloves

The company Sempermed is a leading manufacturer of diagnostic gloves under the Sempercare line and sterile surgical gloves, available under the brand name Sempermed.

Sempermed was founded in 1824 by M. Rrithoffer, a true pioneer in rubber goods. However, even he could not have foreseen how much demand for high-tech latex products would grow six generations later.

In the small town of Wimpassing, near Vienna, Sempermed produces Europe's most popular gloves – Sempercare gloves. By developing technology that combines natural rubber with synthetic materials, the company produces 16.5 million pairs of latex gloves and 6 million pairs of synthetic gloves per day. As a result, the company has become synonymous with success and has gained status as a leading manufacturer of medical gloves.

Sempermed is a company that actively supports a sustainable development strategy. Its technologically advanced production line is designed to be as environmentally neutral as possible. Additionally, when seeking new suppliers, subcontractors, and business partners, Sempermed selects companies that hold relevant certificates attesting to fair labor practices, ensuring fair working conditions and wages for employees.

Sempercare diagnostic gloves and Sempermed surgical gloves

To meet the demands of customers, Sempermed produces high-quality surgical and diagnostic gloves. In the heart of Europe, the company achieves this goal based on data obtained through collaboration with scientific and technical centers. The company sets the highest quality control standards among medical glove manufacturers. This ensures significantly better Acceptable Quality Level (AQL) results than the standards require. The company's strategy involves continuously increasing financial investments in the development of Sempercare gloves to ensure they always comply with rigorous CE standards.

Skamex is the official distributor of Sempermed products in Poland.

Sempermed products - standards

Sempercare gloves, produced by Sempermed, hold a full set of European certificates confirming their highest quality, full safety, and environmental neutrality of the production process. These include ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001.

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