Medical Gloves

Sempercare Safe+ Nitrile Diagnostic and Protective Gloves

Powder-free, nitrile examination and personal protection gloves provide additional protection in the wrist and forearm area thanks to their extended cuff.


Non-sterile diagnostic and protective nitrile gloves with an extended cuff for high-risk applications, featuring enhanced grip with additional texture on the fingers. Minimum length 300 mm.

Thanks to their longer cuff, sempercare® safe+ gloves provide an adequate addition for hand safety.

They are specially designed for applications requiring higher barrier protection in the wrist and forearm area. The extended cuff makes sempercare® safe+ the gloves of choice for working in high-risk environments or procedures where there is a risk of exposure to irritating substances.


  • The glove material is resistant to blood and other bodily fluids and protects against bacteria, fungi, and viruses, including SARS-CoV-2, Hepatitis B and C viruses, and HIV.
  • Additional protection is provided especially for the wrist and forearm due to the extended cuff.
  • A secure grip and optimal tactile sensitivity even in wet conditions.
  • Resistant to viral penetration according to ASTM F 1671 and EN ISO 374-5 standards.
Available sizes

XS – XL packed in 250 pieces (XL – 230 pieces).

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