Medical Gloves

Sempercare Edition Diagnostic Latex Gloves

Sempermed's Sempercare series latex gloves are powder-free medical gloves designed for universal use in medical facilities.


The Sempercare® edition gloves are designed with the reliability of latex gloves in mind for anyone working in the medical field. Featuring textured fingertips and excellent tactile sensitivity, these gloves are ideal for everyday medical tasks, from patient care to bed making, as well as handling tools and samples in a medical laboratory. Sempercare® edition gloves are known for their exceptional user comfort combined with excellent tactile sensitivity and protection against bloodborne pathogens. 


  • Protects users and patients from cross-contamination.
  • The glove material is resistant to blood and other bodily fluids, protecting against bacteria, fungi, and viruses, including SARS-CoV-2, Hepatitis B and C viruses, and HIV.
  • Advanced dexterity due to the exceptionally flexible and stretchable properties of the latex material.
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