MediSept has been supplying hand and surface disinfection products in clinics and hospitals for over 25 years. It is the only Polish manufacturer of disinfectant preparations that are medical devices, and one of the largest producers of professional hygiene maintenance products in Poland. MediSept products are modern disinfectants based on innovative technology and optimally selected formulas. MediSept products do not cause allergies, are safe for users, and do not cause any side effects. They are recommended by companies such as Vimex and Famed. In 2004, the Medi-CLEAN brand was established, offering daily cleaning products. In 2006, the new Steri-LINE brand of single-use sterilization products was introduced, and in 2012, the Medi-LINE brand of disinfectants for tools, surfaces, and hands was created.

MediSept offers:

  • Medi-LINE (Velox, Protect)
  • Medi-LINE (Quatrodes, Viruton)
  • Medi-LINE (Velodes)
  • Medi-CLEAN

MediSept – Disinfection and Cleaning Products

MediSept offers products such as Protect, Quatrodes, Velodes, Velox, Viruton, and cleaning agents. The range includes ready-to-use solutions, concentrates, creams, liquids, and disinfectants that effectively act against fungi, bacteria, viruses, and tuberculosis bacilli. Noteworthy products include alcohol-free or alcoholic wipes for cleaning and disinfecting medical equipment surfaces (Velox Wipes), foam soap (Velodes Soap Foam), and a concentrate for disinfecting tools made of steel, nickel, and copper (Viruton Strong). MediSept disinfectants are used in medical facilities (hospitals, clinics), educational institutions (schools, kindergartens), dental, hair, beauty, massage clinics, fitness studios, spas, and tanning salons.

MediSept – Standards

MediSept products meet European quality standards. In 2011, the ISO EN 13485 quality management system was implemented for the production of disinfectant products intended for invasive and non-invasive medical devices. In 2014, a modern production line and a new research center were established in the Lublin Economic Zone in cooperation with the Lublin Medicine Cluster. The agents and preparations also comply with the 93/42 EEC standard. All products are subject to constant quality control. Products from the Protect series based on ammonium compounds have received authorization for the marketing of biocidal products 6046/15, and care products such as creams have been dermatologically tested and registered with the CPNP (Cosmetic Product Notification Portal).


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