The history of Hartalega began in 1988. Through continuous development, they have become the world's leading manufacturer of nitrile gloves, with an increasing capacity to produce billions of gloves each year. Beyond participating in the glove manufacturing industry, they remain committed to innovation. As a result, they possess advanced proprietary production technology, which ensures product quality and enhances production efficiency. It all started with the world's first lightweight nitrile glove and evolved to the world's first non-leaching antibacterial glove, meeting the evolving needs of glove users worldwide.

Their revolutionary products have brought transformative changes to the industry and helped improve the lives of millions of people worldwide. The ability to design appropriate solutions using state-of-the-art technologies to meet the daily challenges of hand protection ensures their continuous growth.

Goodpac™ Technology:
Streamlining the packaging process
Goodpac™ is a single glove dispensing technology that reduces costs, prevents glove wastage, and avoids contamination. The Digital Quality Control System (DQS) scans and detects even the smallest defects. Defective gloves are automatically removed, eliminating human error that often occurs with traditional inspection and sorting methods. Thanks to DQS, every glove leaving the factory is 100% free from visual defects.


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