Medical Gloves

Becare Art Goodpac Nitrile Diagnostic and Protective Gloves

Nitrile and latex, powder-free gloves with colloidal oatmeal. Revolutionary gloves that MOISTURIZE, PROTECT, and CARE for your hands.


Nitrile gloves with an inner COATS layer containing colloidal oatmeal extract.

Nitrile diagnostic gloves with an inner protective and moisturizing layer containing natural colloidal oatmeal recognized by the FDA as a skin protectant. Made from soft and flexible material, they offer high durability and excellent tactile sensitivity. The gloves have clinically proven protective effects on the skin and support skin healing. They are mechanically packed (to reduce contamination) in an orderly manner. The packaging is designed for bottom dispensing, speeding up the workflow by facilitating glove retrieval and quicker donning. The compact design allows for wall-mounted holders, saving workspace on countertops.

Available sizes

XS – XL packed in quantities of 100 and 200 pieces.

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