Wismed's motivation is to explore new phenomena in medicine through observations and scientific research. Discoveries and new knowledge, besides providing immense satisfaction, allow for the engagement of imagination in the process of designing solutions for newly understood clinical problems.

The company's goal is to merge science with the creative process in the form of designing practical, minimally invasive, and minimalist surgical solutions. The ambition is to create solutions that make minimally invasive procedures safer and more effective for the patient, and easier and more intuitive for the surgeon.

The company conducts extensive research, both laboratory and clinical, focused on the development of modern minimally invasive urological products. The goal is to create a safe and intuitive endourological instrumentarium and to improve the outcomes of kidney stone treatment, particularly enhancing safety and reducing the recurrence of stones.

It is important for Wismed to propagate the knowledge we have gained from our research, especially in the area of intrarenal pressure control.

The owner founded Wismed in 2001 and is a practicing anesthesiologist. His intention is to harness the power of thoughtful design to reduce the challenges of contemporary medicine. In addition to connecting people and building companies based on sustainable development, his passion lies in designing solutions. Paweł is proud to design solutions that are not only intuitive but also not overly complicated.

The founder strives to create solutions that are minimalist but optimally functional. This balance in design principles is grounded in over 30 years of experience as a physician. Using the operating room as an observational platform, Paweł identifies solutions for challenges that create safer and easier practices.


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