Sol-Millennium Medical Equipment

Sol-Millennium is an international medical conglomerate focused on researching and implementing cutting-edge solutions and distributing high-quality medical equipment. The company's headquarters are located in Shanghai. It also has representative offices in Brazil, Poland, the USA, and Switzerland. Despite its relatively short market presence, it is one of the fastest-growing medical equipment manufacturers.

Sol-Millennium syringes, needles, and other medical equipment

The company initially specialized in producing injection molds used in the manufacture of disposable plastic medical equipment. To this day, Sol-Millennium remains one of the largest global suppliers of such solutions. For several years, the company has been dynamically developing its own line of syringes and safety needles under the SOL-CARE and SOL-GUARD brands. Additionally, the conglomerate also offers medical equipment for veterinarians, available under the SOL-VET brand.

Safe Sol-Millennium Medical Equipment

One of the most important products from Sol-Millennium is primarily its safe medical equipment. It protects healthcare workers (and their patients) from the risk associated with needlestick injuries, which are a serious threat in modern healthcare facilities worldwide. Our range includes, among others, safety syringes with built-in needles, safe needles, and oral syringes. The use of such products significantly reduces the risk of hospital-acquired infections. This is evidenced by numerous studies conducted by independent research institutes. For this reason, Sol-Millennium's safe medical equipment enjoys great interest from healthcare institutions.

Continuous Development of Sol-Millennium Medical Equipment

Sol-Millennium has an extensive R&D team in Switzerland that is constantly working on the development of its product range, ensuring that the medical equipment is of the highest quality while remaining affordable. As a result, the company's products can be found in Europe, North America, South America, and South Asia, where they are appreciated for their high quality and innovation. Sol-Millennium medical equipment is now also available in our offering.


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