Surgical gloves

Surgical gloves are one of the most important pieces of equipment in any operating room, ensuring safety for both patients and medical staff, which is crucial for safe practice. Their primary function is to protect against the transmission of pathogens and maintain sterility in the operative field. These gloves must meet stringent quality standards to effectively guard against the penetration of microorganisms and bodily fluids. Traditionally, surgical gloves are made from natural latex, but synthetic materials such as polyisoprene and neoprene are increasingly being used. Natural latex offers high flexibility and comfort, but due to potential allergic reactions, it is often replaced by synthetic materials like nitrile and neoprene, which are hypoallergenic and equally durable. Nitrile is less flexible but more resistant to chemicals. Today, all materials provide a similar level of flexibility, excellent fit, and great comfort during precise surgical tasks. Surgical gloves are sterile and have a longer cuff to better protect against contact with bodily fluids. They are essential for all surgical procedures, from simple interventions to complex operations requiring prolonged protection and precision. These gloves are available in various sizes to ensure an optimal fit for every user. Additionally, long surgical gloves are available, offering increased protection and compliance with the latest European standards. Sterile surgical gloves are critical for maintaining hygiene and minimizing infection risks. They provide the highest level of asepsis and are ideal for professional use in various medical environments. Disposable gloves made from different materials such as latex, neoprene, nitrile, or vinyl are also available. Sterile gloves are crucial in preventing the transmission of microorganisms and minimizing infection risk. It is important for medical products to meet standards and regulations to ensure safety and hygiene. Our medical supply store offers high-quality surgical gloves that provide excellent conditions for safe practice.