AirQ3 Laryngeal Mask

The advanced, fully silicone AirQ®3 mask helps ensure safety in airway management, regardless of the challenges that may arise. Its unique epiglottis elevator prevents epiglottic downfolding, and the intubation ramp facilitates the intubation process through the mask. The range includes masks without a gastric channel and with a double gastric channel, with options for manually inflated cuffs as well as self-sealing cuffs.


AirQ3 laryngeal masks are available in four versions: 

  • With a manually inflated cuff, without a gastric channel 
  • With a self-sealing cuff, without a gastric channel 
  • With a manually inflated cuff, with a double gastric channel  
  • With a self-sealing cuff, with a double gastric channel 

Regardless of the type, AirQ3 masks are made entirely of silicone, a biocompatible material that retains its properties under varying temperatures, ensuring the mask maintains its shape. Additionally, silicone requires only a small amount of lubricant during insertion into the airway. The mask features an intubation ramp built into the dome, facilitating the intubation process. The mask connector is detachable, secured with a tether, and color-coded for each size. The cuff of the mask is significantly wider and raised proximally to ensure maximum sealing, while an additional flange elevates the epiglottis, preventing it from folding down. 

The AirQsp3 and AirQsp3G series are equipped with a self-sealing cuff based on airway pressure. The cuff contains an equalization port that allows the cuff to inflate proportionally to the increase in transpulmonary or ventilation pressure.

AirQ3 masks are currently the only masks available on the market in neonatal sizes (size 0). Neonatal sizes are not merely scaled-down versions of adult AirQ3 masks. All components of the mask are specifically designed to fit the anatomy of a newborn.

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