Visiomed medical equipment

The Visiomed "Laboratory of Medical Electronics" company was founded in June 2007 by Mr. Eric Sebban – CEO. This company specializes in the development, creation, and production of innovative medical devices for healthcare, which are sold over-the-counter in pharmaceutical networks.

The company's headquarters are located in Montreuil (93 Seine St Denis - France), and in Caen (14 Calvados - France), with modern offices and warehouses covering an area of over 2400 square meters. This comfortable work environment for 60 employees allows for the best management of orders, shipments, and excellent customer service.

Non-contact thermometer Thermoflash

The most famous product of the Visiomed Laboratory is the first non-contact medical thermometer utilizing the latest infrared technology, which is sold under the brand ThermoFlash®.

Over the course of three years, Visiomed has gained a high position in the market thanks to the development of innovative products. With this new status, Visiomed has become a specialist in the field of electronic medical devices and self-diagnostic products for home use.

Visiomed medical products

All brands, designs, international trademarks, and patents assure customers that the production process is conducted in accordance with all European standards. The fame and success of the brands produced by Visiomed in the market are currently the best proof of the recognition of the quality of all products distributed by Visiomed.


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