Stoddard medical equipment

Stoddard specializes in the production of dental rotary tools used by dentists, dental technicians, and prosthetists, but also by pedicurists, veterinary surgeons, jewelers, etc. They are sold worldwide, in over 110 countries. Skamex is a distributor of Stoddard products.

Stoddard dental tools

In 2009, Stoddard celebrated 75 years in the dental industry. It is currently run by the third generation of the family and traces its origins back to 1934, when it was founded in London as Kingswood Manufacturing Company. The company quickly became a leading manufacturer of rotary lathes, which were patented as revolutionary due to the production process. For over 75 years, Stoddard has continued to develop a unique range of innovative dental products, and in November 2002, it acquired the world-renowned Good Dent company to further expand its reach.