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Purple Surgical was established in 2000. The company is headquartered in London. Production and distribution are located in South West England in a facility spanning 5,000 square meters. It includes three state-of-the-art cleanrooms encompassing assembly, injection molding, tube extrusion, and automatic packaging.

Purple Surgical is part of Cory Bros Holdings Ltd, a group that includes:

Cory Bros (Hospitals Contracts) Co. Ltd.
Purple Surgical International Ltd.
Cory Medical Ltd.
Cory Plastics Ltd

Purple Surgical – Goals

Purple Surgical International engages in providing safe solutions for the healthcare system and its surgical patients, as well as enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of surgery through the use of an innovative, highly competitive range and the continuous development of its product offerings.

Purple Surgical – Services

The administrative center is focused on maintaining the highest level of efficiency, active communication, and support, so that Purple Surgical distributors and business partners have all the necessary tools to effectively manage and grow their business.

Purple Surgical – Medical Equipment Manufacturing

Key strengths in production include injection molding, tube extrusion, subassembly, and automatic packaging. Investments in the latest equipment serve to maximize efficiency and ensure very competitively priced products.

Purple Surgical International – Distribution

Purple Surgical International is committed to achieving its goals by working in a spirit of partnership with enthusiastic national and regional distributors who possess the greatest knowledge and experience in their local markets. Purple Surgical products carry the CE mark and are available in three formats:

Sterile: including Purple Surgical and Cory Bros brands with multilingual packaging (English, French, German, Spanish, and Italian).
Non-sterile: tailored to local packaging requirements. Sterile with private labeling: according to specified requirements.

Range of Medical Products

The range is continuously expanded, focusing on products for the Operating Room. Many of Purple Surgical's products are patented and unique. All are of the highest quality and competitively priced.

Skamex is the distributor of Purple Surgical in Poland.

The manufacturer offers products such as: dreny z filtrem, kaniula Spackmann’a, trokar optyczny, stapler.


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