MedXL Medical Equipment

MedXL is a Canadian company specializing in the production of medical devices, primarily in the area of vascular access and automated drug preparation systems. The company has an extensive product portfolio including:

  • Prefilled Syringes:
    • Sodium Citrate;
    • Ethanol Citrate;
    • Saline Solution;
    • Anticoagulants;
  • Accessories for use in intravenous therapy;
  • Advanced systems for drug preparation.

MedXL aims to enhance patient safety by promoting solutions designed to eliminate the possibility of medical staff errors during drug preparation. The company has highly advanced systems for monitoring product quality from the production stage. This is to ensure that their products meet the most stringent safety standards in each country where they are offered.

PraxiJect Saline Syringes

Among the products from this manufacturer available through Skamex, you can find: PraxiJect syringes.


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