Curas is an international brand of disposable medical devices and healthcare hygiene products, focusing on patient care, urology, intensive care, and surgical situations.

The brand is represented in all countries and continents by carefully selected, dedicated distribution partners who serve our customers, end-users, and clinical consumers with a rapidly expanding range of medical devices, focusing on excellence in infection prevention.

The production capabilities and service-oriented supply chain organization ensure a cost-effective product offering; with a clear focus on intensive care hospitals, general nursing homes/elderly care homes, healthcare facilities, and home healthcare areas; united in the pursuit of safer and better treatment outcomes and support.

Company vision

Curas will offer an increasingly broad range of disposable medical products and devices that represent healthcare interests through progress in infection prevention, real value, and risk reduction; through the increasingly recognized and globally supplied Curas brand. They aim to be known and respected for their fair business practices, personal integrity at all levels of the organization, and always new approach to clinically supportive products, each of significance. They will deliver cost-effective products to a continuously evolving market through attractive, long-standing partnerships and brand leadership in carefully selected product segments.

Curas will harness the energy, needs, creativity, and resources of every single partner, distributor, and employee to achieve our shared and individual goals, thereby increasing their commitment to promoting Curas, to the benefit of patient care and the well-being of medical staff.


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