Intravenous Therapy

Bullpup Midline Catheters

The Bullpup catheter is introduced in the same manner as a standard cannula, but its special construction allows for insertion without touching the catheter: duration of up to 29 days, insertion procedure as with standard cannulas, soft wings for better stabilization, color coding similar to short peripheral catheters.


Bullpup Scientific has developed the M/29 Bullpup catheter—a groundbreaking intravenous cannula with an exceptional dwell time of up to 29 days, significantly exceeding the average hospital stay. However, it is equally user-friendly and cost-effective as a standard intravenous cannula.

The M/29 Bullpup is a catheter-over-needle PU catheter, ranging from 8.5 to 10 cm in length. It is inserted like a standard intravenous cannula, but its special design allows for insertion without touching the catheter itself.

The M29 Bullpup™ is the first and only catheter system designed specifically to allow for extended dwell time in the vein by any trained inserter. Its quick and simple insertion reduces handling time, lowers the risk of complications, and minimizes cost increases.

Specifications of the M/29 Bullpup™

  • Category: Secure Intravenous Catheter
  • Clinical indications: Venous access > 48 hours
  • Dwell time in vein: Up to 29 days
  • Insertion time: >1 minute
  • Sizes: 22-18 gauge
  • Pressure: Up to 325 PSI
  • Compatible with ultrasound
  • Access to deep veins
  • Notch needle for quick blood flashback

Key advantages of M/29 Bullpup™:

  • Dwell time in vein up to 29 days
  • Standard insertion procedure
  • Minimal training required
  • Reduces the need for catheter reinsertion and associated needle sticks


  • Available sizes
    • 18G
    • 20G
    • 22G
  • Catheter length in cm
    • 8,5
    • 9,8
  • Manufacturer:

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