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Protexis™ Neoprene gloves

Protexis™ Neoprene surgical gloves are made from synthetic neoprene. They serve as an alternative to latex gloves. Protexis™ Neoprene gloves are softer and thinner compared to the previous generation Cardinal Health™ Protexis™ Neoprene gloves, while maintaining physical properties.


Protexis™ Neoprene surgical gloves feature reduced thickness, which improves sensitivity and allows for use in procedures requiring increased precision. They are latex-free. The anatomical shape of the gloves with opposing thumb design allows for a natural fit and movement of fingers, thumb, and hand. The gloves have a reinforced cuff equipped with a system of visible longitudinal and transverse reinforcements to prevent cuff roll-down during use.

Available sizes

Sizes 5.5 to 9.0 are packed in quantities of 50 pieces.

  • Size
    • 5,5
    • 6
    • 6,5
    • 7
    • 7,5
    • 8
    • 8,5
    • 9
  • Manufacturer:

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