Closed system Chemolock 

Needleless Closed System Transfer Device (CSTD)


One click is all it takes to minimize exposure to hazardous drugs and maintain the sterility of preparations.

Safe handling of drugs begins in the pharmacy.

The needleless, mechanically sealed Chemolock CSTD system seamlessly integrates into workflow, helping achieve high safety standards and reducing drug wastage.

ChemoLock is a solution developed by ICU Medical, designed as a needleless closed system that facilitates the preparation and administration of cytostatics while limiting personnel exposure to the drug.

The "click to lock" feature of the ChemoLock system 

The closed, needleless drug delivery system ChemoLock is equipped with a "click to lock" mechanism. It allows various components to be securely connected with a distinctive clicking sound.

Features of the closed, needleless drug delivery system, ChemoLock: 

  • Prevents escape of hazardous vapors
  • Blocks transfer of bacteria and other environmental contaminants into the system

ChemoLock remains mechanically and microbiologically closed even during disposal, eliminating potential exposure of personnel and the medical environment to hazardous drugs. 

The system comprises several components that can be customized as needed: 

  • Vial adapter of various diameters
  • Syringe adapter
  • Access to solvent container
  • Patient access
  • Foley catheter adapter

The ChemoLock system remains sealed even after drug administration.

Safely administer hazardous drugs to your patients.

  • An audible click confirms a secure connection between components.
  • Connected elements of the Chemolock system and its locking mechanism help prevent unsafe and accidental disconnections.
  • With the intuitive design of the Chemolock system, you can focus on patient care rather than assembling complex components.

Safe preparation, transport, administration, and disposal of cytostatic drugs.

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