Limb-O™ Breathing Circuit

Single-limb breathing circuits with a lumen divided by a membrane allowing thermal exchange and heating of the inhaled air by 6.2°C at a flow rate of 4 L/min. Eliminating one tube from the breathing circuit also significantly reduces the system's weight compared to dual-limb and coaxial circuits, while facilitating easier management of the often limited space at the patient's bedside. Limb-O circuits are designed for use in both the ICU and the operating room, and the wide range of length configurations and accessories allows for the appropriate circuit to be tailored to most patients and clinical situations.


Inhalation and Exhalation Limb in One Tube 

Limb-O is a breathing circuit consisting of a single tube that functions as both the inhalation and exhalation limb. The lumen of the tube is divided in half by a membrane, allowing heat transfer that, according to the manufacturer's research, heats the inhaled air by 6.2°C at a flow rate of 4 L/min. Maintaining an appropriate and stable patient temperature is crucial in preventing unintended hypothermia. Studies indicate that the use of Limb-O in anesthetized patients resulted in a temperature increase of 1°C above ambient temperature after 5 minutes and 2°C after 70 minutes compared to conventional dual-limb circuits [1]. Given the importance of preventing unintended hypothermia and the potential risks associated with it, we invite you to read an article on this topic.

Weight Reduction of the Syste  

Eliminating one limb reduces the system's weight by 25% compared to equivalent dual-limb systems and by 34% compared to coaxial systems (manufacturer data). The flat membrane surface dividing the lumen of the circuit in half also results in lower flow resistance values compared to a fully corrugated tube.

Wide Range of Configurations 

Limb-O breathing circuits come in a single size that can be used for infants (>4.5 kg), children, and adults, and are available in various lengths and configurations—designed for use with ventilators or anesthesia machines. The available lengths of Limb-O circuits allow for product customization to meet specific needs. Limb-O versions with an integrated capnometry line or in a set with an HME electrostatic filter are also available. 

[1] Kalani, S., Khandelwal, V., & Gupta, S. (2018). Comparison of LimbO TM Circuit with Conventional Dual Limb Circuit in Controlled Ventilation. 

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