Containers and Dispensers for Single-use Gloves and Other Useful Gadgets

Order is essential, especially in healthcare facilities where there's no room for disorganization. All instruments and accessories must have their designated place to avoid wasting time searching for them, which can lead to significant delays and chaos during hectic situations. How can one maintain order among gloves, and what accessories might be useful? Are glove containers, commonly known as dispensers , accessories worth considering?

Glove Accessories – Useful and Practical

It might seem that a box of gloves provides sufficient organization. However, it's rare that only one type of glove is used; typically access to at least three basic sizes should be provided. It would be even better if users could choose not only the size but also the material of the gloves, as, for example, not everyone tolerates latex well. In such a situation, it suddenly becomes apparent that space is needed for several boxes of gloves.

It's easy to imagine a situation where someone – intentionally or accidentally – moves a box to a different place; there are also unfortunate circumstances when a box is deliberately appropriated by someone. In these instances, glove dispensers prove to be an invaluable aid.

Glove Dispensers – Help Maintain Order and Aesthetics

dyspenser na rękawiczki podajnikThe glove dispenser is a universal container for one or several boxes of gloves or tissues. The ability to mount the container on a wall or other structure ensures that the glove boxes remain in the same place . The dispenser can also be mounted next to a patient's bed, providing caregivers easier access to gloves – a solution especially useful in homes and care centers.

The glove container is an aesthetic, convenient, and functional solution. It helps to maintain order and makes it easy to control – just one glance is enough to check if it is necessary to replenish a particular size of gloves.

In the Skamex offer, there are single as well as triple Med Investments glove dispensers. The containers allow for easy sorting and maintaining order, whether you use one size of gloves or want to have access to a full range of sizes.

Carry gloves with you – conveniently and hygienically

Dispensers, or glove dispensers, are a good way to keep things organized. However, these are stationary containers. What about situations where you need to carry several pairs of gloves with you? Theoretically, you can keep a pair of gloves in your pocket, but this is not an optimal solution as they are prone to damage, and pockets do not provide a sufficient level of cleanliness.

We recommend considering the purchase of a belt-attachable glove pouch or one that can be kept in a bag or backpack. A glove pouch allows for convenient and hygienic carrying of gloves and other small, essential items. It is an exceptionally practical accessory for everyone.

Container for used gloves

Another useful accessory that should be placed next to the dispenser are containers for used gloves. Disposable gloves, unless contaminated with biological material, should be thrown into a mixed waste container. To facilitate sorting and maintaining order, it is worthwhile to place such a bin in close proximity to the glove dispenser. This ensures that the used ones are disposed of in the right place.