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Critical Care Ventilation

Raise the bar, reduce the risk

Clinicians understand that disconnecting or “breaking” of the ventilator circuit can lead to lung de-recruitment and hypoxemia, and it creates possible opportunities for cross-contamination. The AirLife™ Closed Suction System is a multi-purpose device made up of modular components, helping to keep your patients safer than traditional closed-suction catheters. The system features the Verso™ Airway Access Adapter and its revolutionary Pucker™ Valve technology that seals the patient’s airway from the access port. The Verso™ adapter is placed in-line when setting up the ventilator circuit, so you can perform closed suction catheter change-outs and various airway access procedures through a single port without ever disconnecting the circuit.

Safety: Pucker™  Valve helps maintain safe, continuous ventilation while you change closed suction catheters and perform various other airway access procedures

Versatility: The Verso™  adapter gives you multi-purpose airway access to perform:

  • Open suction
  • Closed suction
  • Bronchcoscopic procedures
  • Mini-BAL
  • Instilled drug delivery

Protect all of your ventilated patients with  one closed system solution

Adult/Pediatric (Verso™ Adapter) and Neonatal (Neo-Verso™ and Neo-Verso™  ‘Y’ Adapters) options provide a full suite of products with closed suction catheter  sizes ranging from 5 french to 16 french and specialty catheters  including tracheostomy-length, directional-tip and fluid/access catheters.


ZamkniÍty system do odsysania Airlife

Adult AirLife™ Closed Suction System

Zamkniety system do odsysnai Airlife

Closed suction control valve


ZamkniÍty system do odsysania AirLife

Neo-Verso™ and Neo-Verso™ „Y” adapters